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what is the difference when using copic markers and regular markers?

I understand when using copic markers that there are different tones, shades and tints when coloring. When I use regular markers I try and find the colors that are closest to that color.
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    I’m glad you asked!
    Beyond the vast color selection (over 350 colors of Sketch markers), it's the inks themselves that make Copics unique.

    Because we use a specially formulated alcohol-based ink, the blending happens on the surface of the paper - allowing dyes to mix on the paper surface without over soaking and tearing the paper fibers. That's why we're celebrated by artists for delivering such wonderfully rich blends.

    Beyond the inks, it's the lifetime use design that also makes us special. One marker can last a lifetime by simply refilling or replacing the nibs when needed. Never having to throw away markers means we're the most economical and environmentally friendly solution out there.
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